Kneejerks Tiny Talks Episode 1: Rise of Ire

Welcome to our new series, Tiny Talks. This is a little mini podcast where a few of the gang get together and blow off some steam, giving their Kneejerk reactions on a single topic that has piqued their interest.

In this episode, Tom and Drew look at what is getting their goat with the newest Destiny expansion. As a long term player Drew looks at the hindrance of the Destiny design while Tom has returned from the wilds of other games to brave the frosted tops of Felwinter Peak. Will wolves and new light levels be enough to bring him back for good or is in just another fleeting chapter in Destiny’s DLC cycle?



Drew is a comedian from Melbourne sketch group Wizard Sandwiches and loves to play games, read comics and complain about things. You can hear him on the kneejerks podcast and see him on the Kneejerks Twitch stream and YouTube channel.