Kneejerks Episode 01: The Avengers Age of Ultron

Marvel Studios has once again smashed box office records with the release of Avengers Age of Ultron. In this episode we talk about what Ultrons plans for world domination or lack there of, what it means for our costumed heroes and more importantly the future of the Marvel Cinematic universe. Tom gives his 2 cents to the new look of The Joker as tweeted last week by Suicide Squad director David Ayer and Evan strokes his beard (which you cant see due the the audio nature of the podcast) while telling us his thoughts on the state of paid Mods through the PC games platform Steam. I, meanwhile segway myself out of some tough situations while we all give zero shits about Hideo Kojima and what his leaving Konami means for “Hiding in box simulator 2015”. SPOILERS for The Avengers Age of Ultron!



Drew is a comedian from Melbourne sketch group Wizard Sandwiches and loves to play games, read comics and complain about things. You can hear him on the kneejerks podcast and see him on the Kneejerks Twitch stream and YouTube channel.

  • Tom

    I can feel the wheels turning guys…and I like it!