What is the value of a Game?

As the festive season once again comes and goes, so too does it bring with it a slew of sales, showing off those sassy percentage signs and vying for pride of place on our game playing device of choice. While this may seem like a win for us, the consumer, I can’t help but feel that with a sudden influx of cheap games hitting us at once, it devalues the game we pay full price for during the year.

The sale model at its heart is a way for developers and their publisher masters to drop the prices of games to make them more appealing to purchase en mass, if you didn’t pick up that copy of Rocket League on Steam, now is your change and while you are there you may as well pick up all of the games you missed out on being during the year for low low prices.

Steam sales have become such an institution that a lot of gamers wait specifically for those times of the year just to buy a game that they may have wanted to play since they were released, while other gamers view the discounted price as the actual “acceptable” price to begin with. This distortion of the retail price of games puts a serious question on why games are being sold at the $70-$90 price point ($100 plus for EB Games) in the first place, if more gamers are seeing the asking price as just a gateway to a summer sale discount.

DLC adds another spanner into the works as often the DLC for a game can rack up to as much if not more than the starting price for the game it’s self which often doesn’t get the discount treatment.

Its important to remind everyone (myself) that this isnt always a space where I will give many answers to the questions I pose, more so a place to contemplate my knee jerk feelings on things and at this point in time, I can’t help but feel that steam sales and digital store front sales make me wonder why anyone would pay full price for a game again.


Drew is a comedian from Melbourne sketch group Wizard Sandwiches and loves to play games, read comics and complain about things. You can hear him on the kneejerks podcast and see him on the Kneejerks Twitch stream and YouTube channel.