Happy New Year! Time for a Resolution

Wow, how about that 2015 eh? A year that brought us such a wild array of movies and games as well as seeing both the rise and fall if this little blog/podcast exercise Kneejerks.

Kneejerks was started as a way to shoot the breeze with mates while discussing our unashamed knee jerk reactions to the current climate of the pop cultural Zeitgeist but quickly became far more work than it was ever intended to be. The very nature if the exercise was to keep it simple and not over think it but as a writer and creative, over thinking things is my forte.

One if the biggest problems we ran into was a tendency to lean towards more negativity than was perhaps warranted. I still feel that we justified our Jerkniess but there is enough negativity for negativity sake on the internet. We will aim to be better and make sure we at least  feel justified. There has to be a little good in something’s that are mostly bad, we will try and represent it as well. Except in Man of Steel, that film sucked.

So what does this mean for Kneejerks? Well I am so glad you asked rhetorical writing technique. This year Kneejerks is going back to what it was always intended to be, a way for the contributes to this blog to talk about the things that interest them the most. In this case, movies, TV shows and games.

This post will launch the new years resolution of putting up a post a day. Not all posts will be big and lofty ones like this, in fact I expect to see a lot of small little first impressions of games or updates on what we are playing/watching. Hopefully we will also add in some official reviews with a little more depth for those out there who may be interested in our more fully formed opinions on things.

We hope to see you populate the comments and add your Kneejerks into the mix.

Here is to a fun and productive 2016

Hang on…what’s that skip? Superman v Batman:Dawn of Justice comes out this year? Son of a……


Drew is a comedian from Melbourne sketch group Wizard Sandwiches and loves to play games, read comics and complain about things. You can hear him on the kneejerks podcast and see him on the Kneejerks Twitch stream and YouTube channel.